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Community and Governance

  1. What's the OpenCable community governance model?

The CableLabs team has studied many of the existing governance models in the open-source community and will model its initial governance after the Java Mobile and Embedded community.

This model is based on its founding principles of transparency, participation, compatibility and engineering excellence. We expect the OpenCable community governance model will evolve over time, based on participation and recommendations from the community.

  1. How can I participate in the OCAP-RI Project?

There are many ways to contribute and participate in our community! First, sign up as a member to Once you are a member, you can help us with the following:

We will also have a wish list posted at the site with new ideas for contributions. Please keep looking and keep communicating!

  1. Can I create a new project within the OpenCable community?

Yes. You can submit a new project proposal on The governing Board will review these submissions and decide if they should be included as a new project within the OpenCable Community.

  1. Can I contribute fixes and enhancements to the OCAP-RI Project?

Certainly! We strongly encourage contributions into these new projects. In order to be able to contribute the following steps needed to be completed:

  1. Who will decide which contributions are accepted to the OCAP-RI Project?

Contributors will have to work with a Module Owner in order to get their code reviewed and submitted.

  1. Will there ever be non-CableLabs committers to the OpenCable projects?

We hope so! We very much want to collaborate with non-CableLabs community members. We would hope to make the most skilled and active participants committers to the code base.

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