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<tru2way> Brand

  1. What is the tru2way brand?

The tru2way brand has two components: its trademarked name, tru2way, and its logo.. This brand - and its logo – is a valued registered trademark that is owned, protected, and managed by CableLabs. The tru2way brand carries with it a very specific value proposition for consumers, manufacturers, content providers, application programmers, and cable operators; that their devices and services are compatible with advanced, interactive two-way cable networks across the nation from diverse cable operators.

CableLabs will continue to own and protect the brand and its value by managing its use. Any product, service, or application that uses the tru2way brand must comply with the associated brand program, including a license from CableLabs. These are outlined at

  1. What must I do to use the "tru2way" logo?

CableLabs manages the testing and certification center for tru2way branded products. For detailed outline and information of how this process works, please see and

  1. Can I call products I create from code I download from your open-source site "tru2way?"

No. Products, services, and applications must meet the certification requirements for using the tru2way brand, including the applicable product testing. All use must be in strict conformance to the tru2way brand guidelines and license agreement.

Unlicensed use of the word tru2way is limited only to what is legally referred to in trademarks as "fair use." Please note that under US law, and other jurisdictions, there is no "fair use" of a logo, and you must have a license.

For example, you can say:

  1. Can someone create and distribute an OCAP implementation that isn't compatible with the OCAP Specification?

Creating and distributing an OCAP implementation that does not conform to the OCAP Specification would be a challenging path. First, the conditions of the GPL license must be met (e.g., publish your source code). Also, your implementation would not benefit from the bug fixes, code submissions and enhancements the OpenCable community is expected to contribute to the compatible OCAP code base at In addition, a non-compatible implementation may not pass the CableLabs testing required to obtain digital security certificates and use the <tru2way> brand.

  1. What do I call an application I write that is based on the OCAP-RI source code?

The GPL v2 does not include a trademark license - no OSI-approved open-source licenses do. Until your product is branded, you can use a truthful tagline associating your product with the OpenCable project, such as “built using the OCAP-RI platform on”

  1. Can I use the term "OpenCable" or "OCAP-RI" to describe my product - it's built with code from the OpenCable Project after all?

The trademark "OpenCable" is CableLabs’ name for internal technical specifications and projects. It is not intended to be a consumer-facing brand. Use of the term “OpenCable” must be licensed by CableLabs and will follow similar licensing and testing criteria as the tru2way brand.

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