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NOTE: Specific filenames and screens will be different, depending on the actual release being installed. However, installation is the same regardless.

Download the installer:

Access the download server at .

Click on the directory corresponding the the revision you wish to install.

The installer for Windows will be named ocap-ri-tags-<release id>-<subversion rev>-Setup.exe, e.g. ocap-ri-tags-RI_I1_1_4_REL_H-19455-Setup.exe

The installer for Linux will be named ocap-ri-tags-<release id>-<subversion rev>-Linux, e.g. ocap-ri-tags-RI_I1_1_4_REL_H-19505-Linux

NOTE: On Linux, you may need to set the execute flag on the downloaded file.

Double click on the downloaded file. This will start the installer.

(Optionally) Choose the installer language. 

Answer Yes when prompted.

Click Next to proceed.

You may choose a different destination folder...


Click Next to continue.

Installation typically takes only a few minutes.

Finished. If you choose to launch the RI...

NOTE:Due to a bug in packaging, the CirclesXlet does not run...

Known Linux Related Issues:

1. The Linux installer's execute bit must be set manually before it will run.  (e.g. chmod +x ocap-ri-tags-RI_I1_1_4_REL_H-19505-Linux)

2. The DVRX Desktop shortcut does not work in Linux as is used to launch RI in Linux and the script does not have an option for starting DvrExerciser automatically.  To start DvrExerciser, user must edit their own

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