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Welcome to the "Public Facing" OpenCable Reference Implementation (OCAP-RI) Wiki

Table of Contents

This is a CableLabs open-source project to provide an OCAP reference implementation for tru2way™ devices.

Please Note: These pages are extracted from internal CableLabs development documentation. You may encounter references to information and items that are not licensed for open source. In particular:

  • CTP (Conformance Test Plan) - this is a commercially purchased/licensed product. NOTE: CableLabs has committed to making the CTP available open source... stay tuned...
  • ATE (Automated Test Environment) is a commercially licensed product.

Guide to the OCAP-RI Public Wiki

The public wiki is the home for information on installing, building, testing and using the OCAP RI.  To familiarize yourself with the contents and structure of the public wiki please see the sections below.

The OCAP-RI, Installing, Building and Configuring

See these pages for an overview of the OCAP-RI, for instructions on installing a full build, installing the binary build, installing the SDK and for instructions on configuring the OCAP-RI:


Information on platform and stack logging can be found at:


For information on debugging the RI see:

OCAP-RI Architecture and Design

For discussions (some recent, some not so recent) on the OCAP-RI architecture and design see:


For comprehensive overview of testing philosophy and test suite descriptions please see:

Release Information

Information on releases of the OCAP-RI can be found at:


The stack implementation includes the feature list defined in the OCAP 1.3.1 specification located at:


The OCAP stack implementation is intended to be compliant to the OCAP 1.3.1 core specification and four optional extensions:

  • DVR I09
  • Front Panel I05
  • Device Settings I05
  • Home Networking Extension I11 and Home Networking Protocol I10

Bug Tracking

Jira databases are used to track internal and public issues:

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