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Welcome to the CableLabs Tools Support Site!  

This site facilitates collaboration between CableLabs and MSO engineers. It’s a great place to ask questions, share ideas and get the latest versions of software and documentation for field support tools.

Support Sites

  • EYES Support -- The EYES™ (Examine Your Edge System) Monitoring Tool provides human-readable decoding of tru2way and ETV data packets in real-time.
  • EARS Support -- EARS (ETV Activity Reporting System) provides a platform for ETV monitoring and reporting that gives a real-time view of EISS signaling, EBIF™ applications, and data resources.

The CableLabs Support site is part of the CableLabs Community. If you are a CableLabs MSO and would like to access the support sites from this page, please request a CableLabs Community login:
* Use the CableLabs Registration Form to
       - Fill out the “New Accounts” information;
       - In the comments field, request the site you would like to access, for example
         o  “please provide access to the EYES and EARS areas of the CableLabs Support Site"
       - And then submit your request.
* Your login and password will be sent to you via e-mail.

*If you already have a CableLabs Community Login, please contact to request additional support, ask questions, or report any problems you're encountering accessing the CableLabs Support Site.

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